Concise Guidelines and Instructions: How to Use Sunflex Colour Mixer

The Sunflex Colour Mixer enables you to create the ideal colour combination for your upcoming project.

Customize colours to meet any specification by mixing together two or more of our twenty-plus sunflex EPDM rubber granules.

Choose from the colour swatches provided below.

To add epdm rubber granules, utilize the + butons; to eliminate them, utilize the - butons.

Once the design is complete, save or print it in PDF format.

Utilize this application to generate unique and innovative concepts for sunflex recycled rubber rolls, pour-in-place rubberized surfaces, and rubber flooring.

Please keep in mind that if you use this application to create rubber rolls swatches that will help in producing unique colours and capturing paterns, the possibilities are countless and only limited by your imagination and creative thinking!

Regarding rubber rolls, you must choose Crumb rubber with a minimum percentage of 25% of total values becoming 100%.

Step 1: Choose the sunflex epdm rubber granules. (A maximum of five colour combinations)

  • Dark Blue 30
  • Golden Yellow 21
  • Grey 10
  • Ivory 71
  • Light Blue 31
  • Lime Green 41
  • Orange 60
  • Pink 2
  • Purple 50
  • Red 1
  • Spring Green 42
  • Teal 40
  • Terracotta Red 0
  • White 70
  • Yellow 20
  • Army Green 43
  • Beige 15
  • Chocolate 80
  • Slate Grey 11
  • Eggshell 25
  • Crumb Rubber 9

Step 2: Build and mix the colour combinations. (Total values must equal 100%)




/ 100

Instructions: Select a colour to eliminate it. (Total values must equal 100%)

Colour Mixer Disclaimer:

  • Please note that the representation of colours on screens may not always be completely accurate. While we strive to provide accurate representations, it is important to note that swatch colours may vary due to individual screen settings.
  • While we strive to provide accurate swatch colours, please note that there may be slight variations in the delivered product compared to the colours shown on the application. This statement encompasses all products related to recycled rubber rolls, colour blends for rubber surfacing, and any other recycled rubber products associated with Sunflex Rubber Flooring.
  • We understand the importance of delivering accurate colours and will make every effort to achieve this during production. However, please note that there may be slight variations in the final product compared to the swatch and colour mixer. This is designed to improve imagination and facilitate a comprehensive understanding of colour variations in any customized project, ultimately helping in the process of obtaining an accurate quote for sunflex rubber flooring.

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